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A group of bandits being attacked in your base.

Bandit is a player type in Apocalypse Rising. Their main objective generally is to kill others for loot. They are very common in the game and attack others frequently. Bandits are often seen as players with dark clothing. Bandits are often equipped with high level weaponry and items. They are extremely dangerous, fast, and silent players who will do all means necessary to take your loot. They also tend to travel at night to blend in from visibility of others.

In the old update, bandits were easily identified as players with a red bandana (acquired after killing 3 players). But now, due to the latest updates in the game, you can only know or guess if they're a bandit if you check their in-game profile by clicking their name, but it's still difficult as if the person with high kills are either a Hero or a Bandit.

Bandits tend to work alone, they find all loot for themselves and will engage anyone for their means of survival. Some of them are nomads and will not settle in one place at all since they risk getting ambushed and slain unless in a group. Hot spots for bandits are locations likeKin or Dirk , so it's always best to be well armed if entering these areas. Bandits are also extremely dangerous when traveling in groups.

Bandit groups are one of the most dangerous groups in the game, encountering a squad of bandits can be considered almost impossible to defend against. (since they are fast and lethal). They can range from a small squad to a fire team. So it is best to not engage these kind of groups at all unless you are very well armed.

Bandit psychology

There are only a few types of bandits in the game since bandits are alike.

  • KOS Bandit (Kill On Sight) - A bandit who will kill anyone in his/her sight for means of protection and loot.
  • KFF Bandit (Kill For Fun) - A bandit who will kill for the thrill and entertainment of it.
  • Friendly Bandit - A bandit who only kills certain people, usually acts as a hitman.
  • Stealth Bandit - A bandit who only hunts players at night for means of protection and camouflage.
  • Door Bandits - They close a door and camp on the other side waiting for people to come to them.
  • Squad Bandits - These bandits are one of the elites... Causing havoc for both experience or fun, however dealing them in numbers may become difficult as they can call for reinforcements.


  • It is common for a player to mistake someone as a bandit. Seeing someone with a bandana or mask will automatically alert you of a bandit, ending the encounter as a shootout.
  • Large bandit groups can sometimes even take control of entire towns. They can wall them off from the rest of the map (this is very rare).
  • Most bandits are experienced killers and should be avoided unless you match his/her weaponry level or have some sort of advantage (e.g. higher ground, element of surprise, etc.).
  • Bandits no longer seem to snipe people as much due to all of the civilian rifles that can snipe back.