Backstabbing is the act of betraying a group by leaving them without approval to kill for loot, which occurs commonly throughout the game. Backstabbing was very common in version 3.0.0 when the group update came out, although hardly ever occured in version 4.0.0 (Amend map).

There are two major types of backstabbing: False Invites and Member Backstabs.

False Invites

False Invites are invitations sent to people without their approval of concern to have them killed for their loot. This common tactic occurs when players announce their equipment on the global chat. Most players will deny such invitation, but those who accept will have themselves slain within minutes. Though false invites are less effective than member backstabs, they are often successful as well.

Member Backstabs

Member Backstabs is the most common way of backstabbing. It occurs when a member leaves its group without their approval and opens fire on them, killing them all for loot. It is very hard to tell when a member will betray or not, but the only way to counter such betrayal is to always keep an eye on the name tags above their heads. Members can be notified if one of their teammates is leaving the group by simply looking at their names. Not keeping an eye on their tags may result in your death. It is considered annoying, and it makes a lot of people quit the game. Another form of this is when a leader kicks a group member and they are killed for their loot. This is often considered more effective because kicking instantly removes a player from the group rather than leaving (Which takes 10 seconds)


-Bandit groups will most commonly betray the victim within the first minute of meeting the victim. It is recommended to always pay attention to your "teammates" when you encounter them for the first time.

- Bandit groups tend to be less trustworthy than lone bandits. They may be in it together to overpower people they betray.

- If you see someone leaving the group, and you are outmatched, immediately exit the game. Although this is bad sportsmanship, your actions can be justified.

- If you see someone standing motionless with their weapon drawn at you, and they are a person you recently met, leave instantly.

- Some people who haven't betrayed before shoot you a second or two before leaving, and that's an obvious dead giveaway. Log out.

-Don't flash rare guns such as the G37 or inform your group what guns you have if you are newly recruited to the group.

-Many people whom are betrayers claim to be spawners, and offer to spawn things for you, and if you are in one, a group, but claim in order to spawn, they must be the group leader. Do NOT fall for this trick, as they are not spawners, and promoting them to group leader allows them to strike at any time they like.

-Most bandit groups that practice group betrayal use a online chat conference application such as Skype. Although it is hard to tell as they usually type in group chat to reduce suspicion, alsways keep your eye out for these signs:

(1) Planting anti-personel mines at the exit of the building- this stops you from running away without combat logging.

(2) People in the server that are trying to hunt the players in your group. Try to question them to learn more about the group that invited you.

(3) Planting C4 so you will be killed in the explosion.

-If they run far away without claiming where they are going, run or leave. They may leave and attempt to snipe.

List of Players wanted for Backstabbing

List the people who betrayed you. This list is to be used for prejudice against these players.

  • Hedgehogy & his alt, hedgehogythealt. (Kills people who are more of a drag than a help or asking stupid questions, e.g what does interact tool do?)

Will not betray if asked how to drive a car or how to hipfire.

  • Heck212 (Betrayed Iceymans6183 to get a cheap kill)

  • jacoblabrie (Betrayed Cheezniper for a Gun)
  • 1gun2grenade (Betrayed BronyDanceStar for his Mk-17)
  • Bpn28 and Juicyman239. We joined their group and they had 7 other members. They ALL left the group at once and proceeded to kidnap and execute us in the middle of kin. They wear black everything and say "what up blood" and "did the beat go off" commonly in chat.
  • CupQuakeEater (Betrayed Iceymans6183 for no reason)
  • Tycoonmaster202 (Betrayed Pillow65, who was on Iceymans6183s team, to get a cheap kill)
  • Numerous Guests, (Roblox players that don't have an account yet)
  • Freezekiller450 (Kicks noobs and those he believes are a threat to the groups safety.)
  • CheeZniper (very rarely, usually only to protect his team) (
  • ====Tailexx (Also known as "Xentios", killed a user for his Ural and M4A1.) (
  • rmxp13 (killed Wikkett twice just to get his loot)
  • Tacopony (Left the group)
  • uzzi44 (Betrayed cocothebunny1 for ammo)
  • Syremannen12 (Had a group of bandits names; pokermar matsgang betrayed benefsaneyim for a gun)
  • dovedove123
  • olouis(betrays those who betray him or his friends B4)
  • JailClank
  • xephos672
  • After I helped Dotorhampster kill a guy, he invited me into his group and backstabbed me for my G36k
  • Leadvenom (Betrayed several people for a can of beans) KOS
  • bad2k (killed 2 people in his group by running them over by cars, wanted the uzi)
  • reaperbirds (betrayed for an FAL)
  • Skyhero100 (It's how he gets by on Apoc, he backstabs 20 people an Apoc Rising day)