The Auto-5 Shotgun is a moderately rare civilian semi-automatic shotgun. It is similar to the Maverick 88 in that it holds the same shoulder stock, uses the same ammo, and does the same damage. However, there are a bunch of differences, like in accuracy and fire rate. The Auto-5 can be found at any civilian loot spawn. Its high fire rate and decent clip size makes it more valuable than the Maverick and the Double Barrel. The only shotguns better than this are the M1014 and the M870. (If skilled with the Double Barrel Shotgun, that can be more valuable than this due to its' damage though), However, if the Auto-5 is fired fast enough, it can prove better than most low level sub-machine guns. It's damage isn't bad, so if used correctly, it can be a force to be reckoned with.



  • Uses same ammo as Maverick 88 Shotgun.
  • It was designed by John Moses Browning.
  • Technically, the gun should be called Auto-6. The designer called it AUTO-5, or Browning AUTO-5 because it held 5 shots of 12 gauge. Civilian variants have been made to hold 3 shots, automatically called AUTO-3. Since the version in Apocalypse Rising is using smaller shells, it could fit one more round.