On April 1st, 2014, Gusmanak updated Apocalypse Rising's thumbnail to this as an April Fool's joke. He also temporarily changed the name to "Apopalypse Risgn" Gusmanak also changed the description to "happy six year roblox anniversary to me" Random bricks around the map were changed to random bright/neon colors. Certain sound effects were temporarily changed, such as when you shoot, your gun would sound like a chicken. Zombies when attacking a character would scream "SPARTA!" Several other sounds were also changed


  • When you shoot a revolver, it would bark, and when reloading it would play part of the song "Cotton-Eyed Joe".
  • When you were spawning, instead of the downtrodden music you normally hear, you will hear upbeat music instead.
  • When you died, the game would say something along the lines of, "Snake? respond. Snake? Respond! SNAKE?!"
  • When a bullet missed it's target by hitting a wall, the ground or other, the impact noise was replaced with a loud "HA-HA!" (recorded from Nelson, a character from The Simpsons)