In apocalypse rising, you must hunt for food and water, kill zombies, and avoid the occasional hostile player. Little do many players know that there are many tips, tricks, glitches, and secrets hidden in apocalypse rising.

The Vehicle 'Hype' Glitch:

Bikes, ATV's cars and stuff all have this focus long glitch for the past few years. However it may become useful. This works when a normal player just jumps in either running or not, into a vehicle automatically flinging the vehicle and their unlucky passengers up with them... Although this is dangerous it's pretty effective when it comes to robbing vehicles.

  • However it mostly works with Amend at most cases.
  • The vehicle however cannot take damage unless it hits towards a solid object (Building, Building equipment etc).
  • Some most bazaar cases are having their vehicle travel so high up the map (doing some tricks and stuff) then come back with a traveled distance...

The Jump Glitch:

To perform the jump glitch, a player must be in first-person zoom mode, and be crouching (x button). Then the player must walk diagonally into a corner of a small block (warehouse door, hospital entrance, etc..) This (for some reason) causes the player to fly up to the roof of a building, which is great for getting on top of places without using an entrencher to move items to stand on.

  • Works with Trinity Crates in all maps.
  • Often mistaken for a jump hacker.
  • Can not jump up sides of buildings, but does work on doors that open to the outside.

Weapons Ghosting after death:

If you ever see a dead body laying around with a gun floating aprox. 5 studs above it, that means his weapon ghosted. This can happen when the gun is firing, and you get killed (almost) instantly after. The hovering gun will surprise some players, because it is easily mistakable for a gun you can pick up with the interact tool.

  • This glitch I have found to only occur in the newly-re-released "Amend" map.
  • The ghosting glitch can also work with the Old Flashlight.
  • You can walk through the hovering weapon, but then it will disappear.
  • Gusmanak has said to have fixed this, yet is still occuring in the Reimagined and Amend maps.

Best places to find loot:

In all the playable maps, there are some military loot hot spots, but can be very dangerous. They spawn the best loot in the game, yet bandits might be waiting there for players to come.


Most good loot will spawn in the Union Square of Kin, same with Reimagined. There are some tents scattered around the map, which can hold battle rifles, such as the HK417 and the FAL. If you are looking for Bandits to kill and have a chance of getting good loot, go to Military Airfield. It can spawn rifles and attachments. But be careful, it is a very dangerous place in the map.


Again, most loot can spawn in Union Square, found in the middle of Kin. I've been playing reimagined for a while, and learned that Bomb Shelter (north Kin bunker) can rarely spawn an Ak47 with 2 mags. Another great spawn for loot is behind a Barrier. Hark is a great city to spawn in, since it has a fire tower, military tents, and barriers. They can spawn Federov, M4A1, and AK47 ammunition. Vernal is great, since its like a mixture of Hark and Kin, and not too dangerous. It has a huge hospital, like Kin, and is a small city, like Hark. It's police station and military tents can spawn weapons to gear a fresh spawn. Kin would prebably be the best town to find loot, since it is the most immense city and has a LOT of buildings. The tents in the middle of Kin can spawn great weapons to help you kill other players with ease.


This map is personally my favorite, and has a lot of great loot spawns. The Military Airfield has great loot spawns, since most of the buildings there can spawn loot such as an assault rifle, an AK/AKS drum, and navigation enhancers, like a GPS. The deerstands found in the Amend map can spawn an OTs-14 with 2 mags (from a personal experience). Amend (capital city) tends to have weapons and military food in the Police Station and Fire Tower. Strive, another city, can have a lot to offer, too. Delve, the final city, does not have much except for a small hospital and a fire station. In the Amend map, Gusmanak's House (not to be confused with Gus' Mansion from reimagined), which is located just north of Strive, on a dirt path, has the best loot in the game. From past experiences playing with friends and hearing stories from other players, they have found ACOG sights, AKS type rifles, battle rifle drums, tank mines, M1014 shotgun ammo, and much more.

--Written by Dankosaurusreks