Hardcore Mode is a separate version of Apocalypse Rising that is paid access (25 Robux).

Differences between Regular and Hardcore

There is a large number of differences in hardcore. The differences are as follows:

-Guns do 3X damage.

-All headshots, no matter the gun, are one-hit-kill.

-All loot rates are at 1/3 of their original values.

-Night is darker.

-Max player count is reduced to 12.

-Zombies kill players in two hits.

-All military zombies have helmets.

-No credit purchases. This means you can get only the free clothing from the normal game.

Along with this, it has its own achievements, including "Hardcore Bandit", "Hardcore Wanderer" and "Hardcore Guardian".

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to survive the longest in this version of Apocalypse Rising

-If you see someone with a patriot, avoid them. Most likely they are a hacker so stay away from them at all costs.

-Ditch melee weapons. Zombies take half your life in one hit, so going close range is not recommended and most likely suicidal. If you must use melee weapons use a hatchet only and practice a ton in normal mode until you get near-perfect. Use nothing worse than a hatchet.

-Try to conserve everything. That means bullets, food, water, EVERYTHING. There is no room for wasting in Hardcore. Don't drink until you have no thirst, don't eat until you have no hunger, etc.

-Always check around you. There very well be someone, or something, behind you, ready to kill you as soon as they can.

-Be very wary of everything around you. Trust absolutely nothing. Write nothing off as an NPC moving by itself.

-Survivalist is very useful in Hardcore. Ninja also works well to sneak past zeds.

-Try to stay on the move constantly. If you need to go to a town, quickly run in, get into as many homes as you can, and run out.

-If you're trying to hunt people for supplies, hunt at night, and try to aim for the head.

-Sprint as much as you can but be weary of your food and hunger.

-If you know that you are better with one weapon than another, use that weapon. Weapon stats do not dictate skills.

-If you come across an M1014 or M870, pick it up. They are one shot weapons, no matter what.

-Always pick a Civilian Rifle or Shotgun over an automatic weapon. If you can aim, you always win.


  • If it moves, it's deadly.
  • Aiming for the torso of anything is pointless. Only aim for the head.
  • Avoid Kin unless you have supressed weapons.
  • Don't camp.
  • Hackers are your worst enemy.
  • Don't trust anyone.
  • Don't fire off a gun unless absolutely necessary.


  • You can take out Helmet zombies with a single headshot with any weapon.
  • M870s and M1014s are the only weapons that only take 1 shot to either torso or head to kill.