Apocalypse Rising 2, (formerly referred to as The Rewrite and also referred to as AR2) is an upcoming game being developed by a team of 4-6, under Dualpoint Interactive. It is a complete remake of Apocalypse Rising, but at the same time a completely different game, using none of Apocalypse Rising's assets but keeping much of the game's gameplay, concepts, and feel. It will boast many new features, including a new map, with water, the ability to swim, a tropical setting, and new weapons, but will likely not be available to play for months to come. The game will also be aiming for a new, lower-poly, aesthetic. Gusmanak has stated that the current Apocalypse Rising game is so broken and flawed that nothing but a rewrite would suffice, which in turn was relabeled as Apocalypse Rising 2. Despite this, legacy (current) Apocalypse Rising will be available to play after Apocalypse Rising 2's release. Gusmanak has also stated that progress update videos will likely be posted weekly, though that has not been the case so far. The two best places for additional information on Apocalypse Rising 2 are the Reddit rewrite reveal and the Roblox forum Apocalypse Rising 2 reveal.

New features

Here is a list of major new or revised gameplay aspects that will be in Apocalypse Rising 2:

  • Bullet Drop
  • Muzzle Velocity
  • New items, including items to boost stamina
  • New animations
  • New vehicles (including boats)
  • New scopes (including long-range scopes for sniping)
  • New attatchments and attatchment slot: Modification (changes gun stats)
  • Ability to see stats and descriptions in inventory via pop-up box
  • Removal of random number generation (for combat)
  • Proning
  • Arms visible in first person


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