Apocalypse Rising is a game made by Gusmanak and Zolarketh, released on the 1st of July, 2012.

You can visit the original version here .

This page is about the original Apocalypse Rising, before all the modern variety of new tools, utilities, food, gear, drinks, vehicles, etc. There were barely any bandits or people who kill on sight.

Apocalypse Rising, The Original, also known as V1.1.0 - V3.0.0, was the first installment of the Apocalypse Rising Series, (Map 1.) As you already know there have been four maps, Kin Region, Amend Region, Kin Re-imagined, and Kin Reborn.

Stuff in v1.0.0

  • All the weapons were just as rare as all the others, so practically everyone had an Mk 48 or other high-powered weapons.
  • There was only one backpack which had a total of 20 slots and was considered military.
  • All players were bald.
  • There were no perks.
  • People who joined the game would be instantly spawned in the world, but a tutorial would appear.
  • Zombies had no custom clothes, only colored body parts.
  • Zombies didn't have the "chasing" sound.
  • The Makarov had a much bigger model.
  • There were 4 utility slots.
  • The map was only 1.4 square kilometers, and people could be found almost everywhere.
  • There was no inventory shortcut key.
  • The game did not save.
  • It has many outdated weapon reticles.
  • You cannot press "R" to reload.
  • There was a completely different map including a Military Air Field.
  • Dirk was only 3 houses.
  • There was a glich when you would change your gun for a different gun, you would lose your arms and get infinte ammo.