AK-104 Carbine
Country of Origin



5 bodyshots, 4 headshots

Magazine Size 30 (Standard) /40 (Extended) /75 (Drum)

7.62 x 39mm Russian

Effective Range




Firing Modes


Reload Time

2.50 seconds



Gun Rarity

Very rare

Ammo Rarity


Spawn Locations

Hellicopter Crash Sites, military tents, etc.


Barrel: Yes

Underbarrel: Yes

Sights: Yes


The AK-104 is a shortened Russian carbine in Apocalypse Rising. It uses 7.62 x 39mm Russian ammunition, coming in 30, 40, and 75 round magazines. It is found very rarely in military spawns, is effective at medium to long range, has a medium amount of recoil, and can have a sight, silencer, and underbarrel attachment, one of only two AK variants that can have this. This gun is normally found in the hands of Bandits and professional players. In reality it is essentially an updated AKM , which is an updated AK-47 .

The AK-104 looks extremely similar to the AK-12. The AK-104 can hold up to three attachments, one of two AK variant weapons that can. One of the biggest differences between this and the AK-12 is the recoil. This weapon does not feature a full stock, therefore reducing the effectiveness of the stock. Unlike most other AK variants, this weapon features a full black profile, making it look similar to the STANAG weapons. It looks like the M4A1 at a distance.

This gun can stand up to many other military guns, such as the MP5, AK-74, AK-47, M4A1, Etc, due to its high damage and rate-of-fire. However, Its ammo count and high recoil can negatively affect the outcome of a fight against a player with a LMG like the Mk 48 and M249, the only exception being the RPK considering that it's part of the same family of the AK-104.


  • This gun is often mistaken for a battle rifle from afar.
  • The AK-104 has better hipfire than the AK-12, but worse ADS.