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• 4/21/2015

About becoming an Admin

Well, I've been asked too many times if I can become a mod, admin, or chat mod. Here is the thing, we don't want 30 millions mods and we're the only one here, we want active members and everything.

First of all admins have the power to block and do some things that other people may not like. Admins powers can be abused fairly easily, every admin we've had has done something frowned apon. We want admins who aren't mean or immature. Things we look in for an admin:

- You've been active in the wikia community for at least 6 months, this may seem excessive but some people are coming to their 2nd year in a few months, so it isn't that hard to get.

- People with quite a few edits, we're not talking about a few hundred. We want people who know what they're doing and not being, "U wot is a fort ruins." If your grammar isn't the best it is okay, we just want people who know what to do.

- People who aren't immature, we don't want people to yell at people for accidently messing up something. We want people who aren't going to be immature and make the community look immature.

- People who comply with other admins, we want admins who can understand other admins. We can't have other people disagree over simple things, if both admins are being asses to each other than I'll unadmin both of them. 

- Admins who are nice, we want admins who are nice, ones who have contributed in the community. We can't have people who are not contributing. People will think we're better if we're more nice to other people.

And that is for admins. Now for mods, people less of admins:

- Don't highlight threads, that is an admins job. Ask an admin if you believe a thread should be highlighted.

- Be nice, I know I mentioned this but be nice if you want more people to come.

And for chat mods: Don't kick people if you think they did wrong, discuss it with an admin if something happens.

Now for the best part:

Don't beg to be an admin, if you beg there will be a less of a chance of you becoming admin. We don't want admins who brag and is selfish.

We also have enough admins as of right now, don't worry if you're one. If an admin, moderator, or chat mod is inactive for over 3 months they get their admin removed. No questions asked, we want active people. If you tell us you'll be gone for over 3 months then we don't know what we'll do, most admins shouldn't be gone that long.

Also here is the rank system (From least control to most.)

Chat mod: You've been helpful to the community for about 2 to 3 months. You haven't been banned before also.

Moderator: You've been here for about 4 to 6 months. You haven't been banned and you've contributed fairly greatly to the community here. You've helped admins and you were a chat mod before this.

Admin: You've been here for more than 6 months. You haven't argued with other admins and you haven't been banned before. You've helped CMZ or I greatly and you've been a all around contributer.

Beaurcrat: You've been here for over 1 year and haven't been banned. You've been active at least three times a month ( 3 days, 3 consecutive days don't count). You get along with a lot of the community and you have been a real blessing.


You can lose your adminship if you haven't been active for over 3 months. If you lose it a moderator will get the rank and you will just be a normal contributer. Thanks for reading this and I have you understand everything. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

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• 4/24/2015

xD 19? Not trying to be mean or anything here, but you'll need a good deal more.

• 4/24/2015
We need an admin to guard a portion of the forums and a portion of the pages and another admin to do the same and so on and so on
• 4/24/2015

That would be a hassle, we just need some people to check all the forums say, once a week and inforce the rules that get broken, unless they are off topic on a forum where thats okay, then they don't need to inforce the rule about staying on topic.

• 4/24/2015

I don't SEE why new people want to be admins. What, are you a wikiholic that dreams about very minor edits? Is your goal in life to edit wiki's and give yourself work that doesn't really help the community? Get a life.

• 8/11/2015

Welp, coming to this thread I realised I blew any chance of being an admin I had because of a joke that was misinterpreted. GG, Dogtimus, GG.

• 8/13/2015

Lol, s'okay man, I'll forgive and partially forget. (hehe)

• 8/13/2015

Yessir! Thank'ya sir! I'll be the best I can be sir! Sir, sir!

• 8/15/2015
xD Lol Ah'm Staff Sergeant Conway XD
• 8/15/2015


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