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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

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Have fun!
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• 2/5/2017

I remember this place

Just reflecting on how awesome this place was a year ago. Seeing how many people respond
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• 11/17/2015

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• 11/24/2015

I Am Permanently Returning

Since this is the announcement board, hello to the probably small number of people who edited here back in the day, and to all the others. I have not seriously participated in this wiki for almost a year due to me becoming obsessed with the colonial genre and losing interest in Apocalypse Rising. I think the long gap has been useful as I have vastly improved my writing skills and write a whole lot better than I did a year ago.
Also, I'm sorry I left days after deleting the all the categories
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• 2/5/2017

Go back

Sorry to announce but we're moving back to the old wikia. We have a plan for this wikia however, we're going to use this wikia as a back up wikia just in case the other one doesn't work out or gets major vandalism. So start contributing here: Main Wikia . This wikia will be inactive for now. So thanks for being here for 6 months but it is time to go back.
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• 10/23/2015

Happy Back to the Future day!!!!!!!

"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads."
October 21, 2015
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• 10/20/2015

Now you need an account to edit

I changed some features so that you need to create an account to edit.
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• 10/13/2015

I'm back. (Sort of)

So, I've been busy, but I was bored so I decided to check back here, and it seems things have fallen out of control. Wikia Contributors valdalizing pages, spam comments, not much real editing. What happened? I left for a couple months, I check back and everything is still the same but with more spam/garbage.
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• 10/12/2015

wow nice name stealing apoc wikia

very nice steal from reason 2 die awakening !!11111jmzdfio
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• 10/7/2015

Im Back Bitches!

Im back! after a long break I decided to rejoin the wiki, and do my best to not screw things up!
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• 10/2/2015

The Deadland Reimagined

I'm too lazy to write the rules but I'll copy and modify em.
Anyone can play at anytime
The game startes when in the year 3000, April 24. Everyone in the old deadland has been erased from history by old age (Cuz we're too awesome) but their descendants has reached this date. You have to loot and you have to scavenge to survive, the game is decided by me, but I will be fair so people don't say
"I went into barn, and founds mk-48 with 5 mags"
Anyway this is how it would work,
To scavenge say -scavenge for- food drinks ammo guns ect
I will decide where you go and what you find, and I WILL again be fair you may get lucky, or unlucky
To go into combat say "I Chalange -players name- to a gun fight,
If you win, you get to keep the loot, and if you lose you respawn, so it's like a rpg board game of AR
Also no porn or you're out.
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• 10/11/2015

"Reawakening" my ass.

Kingstren promised us a new, better wiki. He and CMZ think everything is ok, but everything's falling apart.
This wiki is not better. The old one is better. We CAN do much more for it. To those who say otherwise, I say, shove it!
So yeah. We were led into a false hope that this wiki would be better, but it's not. That's all there is to it.
This whole idea of a "newer, better Apoc wiki" was a bad idea from the start. It was never meant to be.
I mean, alot of us don't even PLAY Roblox anymore. So that's it. We're done.
If you need me, I'll be on the Unturned wiki.
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• 9/29/2015

Just came to check around.

How's the wiki going? Is it more active and less toxic?
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• 9/23/2015

Make a story about a guy in Apoc.

Its a game like Once upon a time but this time on Apoc,
Like for an example...
Me: Once Upon a Time,
You: There was a guy in Apoc
Another Guy: Who blah blah blah...
Got it? Let's start... Once Upon a Time-
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• 9/22/2015

I am very sad today.

This morning I found out one of my cats lying dead and mangled in the driveway of my home. I am very sad today, so I would prefer if you guys  would leave me alone for the next few days or at the very least try to stay on good terms with me. I would appreciate it.
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• 9/18/2015

Doing an AR viginette

Give me your usernames if you want in
Also, I might become lazy. 
So yeah!
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• 9/18/2015
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• 9/1/2015


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• 8/28/2015

Phantom forces wikia
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• 8/24/2015

Does Gus visit this Wikia?

red da title pls.
Thanks for replying in advance.
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